An Email About Reopening from Your Corner Bodega

Casey Dexter
3 min readJul 10, 2021


(JUNE 2020)

Dear Valued Patron and Neighbor,

We know these types of emails are starting up again, so here’s one more:

As we know you’re aware, due to public health concerns of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Sunny Deli 33 was forced to close its doors in March. Something we’d never done before. Seriously, we’re a 24-hour bodega!

Now, we are happy to announce we are reopening!

Whether it’s a late-night run or even later-night snack, you can count on us to provide your essential goods: mixers, Advil, and Gatorade. We’ve seen you hungover in here too many times to just all of a sudden act like we forgot about you. And we can’t wait to see you again — with longer hair!

A few business updates:

Cleanliness has been a word that’s been brought up frequently. We are really thinking about what that word means. For real, what does it mean? We’ve been operating on a B rating for years, so it seems like we’re doing good enough!

We’ve also taken this time to finally re-stock our supplies and throw out the expired pantry items. Just kidding on that last one. But we can assure you we will not be running out of gum, Red Bulls, or Marlboros any time soon. We also have a lot of Popchips — you guys seem to like those too. Our prices aren’t great, but you wouldn’t be coming here if you were looking for a bargain.

We want you to know we are back and better than ever. You don’t have to think of us as just the place you stop at when Sam is hosting a day-drinking picnic in Central Park and you said you’d bring seltzer and then you’re on your way to the park and forgot the seltzer but thankfully you remembered we’re on your corner. You know? We do have hot sandwiches, artisanal crackers, and oddly delicious foreign chocolate… And toothpaste and other essentials. What we’re saying is we’re not just a place to go before and after you drink.

Additional steps we are taking:

We will be upping our cleaning rotations! After we buy cleaning supplies. Tony will now be mopping once an hour in addition to making your sausage, egg and cheese everything bagel sandwich. He knows just how you like it and will, of course, include hot sauce on the side.

The fresh fruit wrapped in plastic will continue to be wrapped in plastic. Seems like we were ahead of the times on that one.

Additionally, we are going to have our employees start washing their hands. I bet you thought that sentence was going to end with the word, “regularly” or “more often” or “for the full length of happy birthday.” B rating, remember?

That being said, please stop asking if we’ve run out of hand sanitizer. We never had any in the first place. We do have spam though. And that counts as a non-perishable.

Lastly, please don’t come in if you are sick. Tony borrowed a bike from his cousin to start our delivery service a while back, and we can still deliver to you (wait time certain). Heck, even if you’re just hungover, we’ll deliver. We’ve been turning on the fryer for years just so we can hear about your night, you crazy kid! By no means does that have to end — plus Tony loves the gossip!

Sunny Deli 33’s Promise:

Here at Sunny Deli 33, we promise to be there for you — just like we always have. Whether it’s Tony complimenting your heels in that outfit or throwing in a free pack of Skittles — we’ve got your back. We’re a bodega you can trust. A bodega you can rely on. We’ve seen you in your Saturday night best, and your Sunday morning worst. We’ve been on your corner since you moved here, and we’re not going anywhere.

So, come stop by! We’re open and Tony’s grilling. Or mopping. Stay safe.

Your Corner Bodega Always,

Sunny Deli 33



Casey Dexter

Casey lives in London and works in publishing and entertainment.